Integrative Kinesiology is a non-invasive method to activate self-healing, to reduce any form of stress or pain and to improve awareness, self-regulation and performance at work, school, in sports and any other area.

Using Integrative Kinesiology means that you as human being, as unity of body, mind and soul are in the centre of a session. Our main instrument is the muscle monitoring-test, a bio-energetic feedback, which allows us to find any blockages or imbalances. The muscle monitoring is like a translator for our unconscious memory and our inner wisdom.


With a combination of eastern medicine, psychology, neurology and other energetic methods every level of your being is being strengthened and brought back to a balance that allows you to keep centred and move forward in life.



Would you like to welcome better health, greater ease, fulfilling experiences, wellbeing, love and joy in your life? Would you like to invite new possibilities and enjoy a deeper quality of life?


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Martina Hans