Martina Hans 


Since 1978 experiencing the ups and downs of life; ever more surprised about opening doors, new possibilities and all those surprises on the wayside.

Since 1999 I am accompanying children and young people as a teacher, lately in a part-time employment.

From 2005 – 2009 intense training as an Integrative Kinesiologist at the Institut für Kinesiologie Ikamed in Zurich.


Since 2008 I appreciate to support children, adults, groups and families in my holistic health practice.



My practical training consists of over 900hrs of:


Integrative Kinesiology (Rosmarie Sonderegger)

Touch for Health (John Thie)

Touch for Health Instructor (IKC)

Brain Gym (Paul & Gail Dennison)

Educational Kinesiology (Paul & Gail Dennison)

Transformational Kinesiology (Grethe Fremming/Rolf Havsbøl)

Wellness Kinesiology (Wayne Topping)

Sport Kinesiology (Flurin Caviezel)

Kinesiology and TCM (Susanne Achermann-Balsiger)

ISO-Kinesiology (Alice Bieli-Fricker)

MATRIX-2-POINT Practitioner and Trainer (Martina & Frank Klimpel)

Energetic-spinal-alignment (Sandra Merkle)

Transformation massage (Sandra Merkle)

Systemic Work (Birgit Policarpo)



My basic medical training consists of over 450hrs of:


Anatomy & Physiology


Psychopathology adults

Psychopathology for children and teenagers


Emergency & First Aid

Hygiene & Prevention


I’m member of ‘ASCA-santésuisse’ and ‘EMR’ (most swiss private health-insurances cover the costs of a individual session) and of the kinesiology association ‘IK-Fachverein’.


I’m looking forward meeting you!