Empowerment for Every Day


Learn a variety of different practical exercises to pick up pace in the morning, to be more focussed, to release stress and to relax mind and nerves. You can directly apply those exercises for yourself as well as for your family or friends. This course does not teach the muscle-monitoring.


1 day – this course can also be customized to your needs




Touch for Health Level 1-4 – The Foundation of Kinesiology



TfH 1 - 14 Muscle-Meridian-Balance & immediate application

accurate indicator-muscle testing 
• Emotional-Stress-Release
• 14 muscle-tests as biofeedback • 14 major energy-meridians • reflex-systems for balancing muscles, posture and energy • food testing • activating hearing and seeing • pain reduction • and more


There is no pre-requisite for Level 1.  TfH Level 1 was designed to be suitable for the lay person who has no prior learning about muscles/anatomy/posture or Chinese (acupuncture) energy. For Level 2-4 you require the precedent levels.


TfH Level 2 – Five Chinese Elements & their dynamic phases

five element (seasonal) cycles • energy patterns in the 24-hour cycles • single key-points to balance the energy system • 14 additional muscle tests • balancing with colours • acupressure holding points • Yin & Yang • stress-release prior to exams, competitions, etc. • and more


TfH Level 3 – further steps towards well-being & balanced energy

reactive Muscles • release long-standing functional pains • 14 additional muscle tests
• chinese 5-element sound balance
• one-point balance • pulse-test • figure-eight-energy • sedative acupressure holding points • postural stress release • and more


TfH Level 4 – Synthesis and Consolidation

complete 42 muscle balance, standing, sitting, or lying (meridian & rapid anatomical order) • nourishments • expanded acupressure with luo-points • balance of the main-emotions • review & consolidation • and more


duration for every level: 2 days

internationally recognized certificate of IKC



Sport Kinesiology – for ambitious and just-for-joy sportspeople

This course is offering you a first insight in easy to use methods to get you ready for outstanding performances, to prepare you mentally for specific competitions and to increase recovery after sports activities.

2 – 2 ½ hours - this course can also be customized to your needs